Orientation Meeting

Event This page details an Event organized by Allied Entrepreneurs™ that is either public or for members only. Trainer or Facilitator Event Type, Author/Facilitator, Accessibility & more Back to the Library Member’s Lounge Orientation Meeting In just a few minutes you can learn how to use the Allied Entrepreneurs™ site, as well as what hearing about […]

Weekly Networking Events

Weekly Networking events by Allied Entrepreneurs

Every week Allied Entrepreneurs holds a networking event for its members (soon there will be two). This happens at Noon Eastern

Your customers are worth more than you think

An image with a magnifying glass, and the words Customers Service. This represents your customers are worth more than you think.

Out of the ashes rose the phoenix, or so the story goes, but Allied Entrepreneurs™ is so much more than just a replacement. Yes, one Entrepreneurs organization (that was working) died a natural death but the remarkable bit, which feels as if it was an immaculate conception, is how easily the new name and focus were derived.

Entrepreneurship is a team sport!

Image portrays entrepreneurship as a team sport

The life of an entrepreneur can be lonely. But it doesn’t have to be that way AND, being a loner also wastes opportunity!
Victor Patalano provides many examples of how working with other entrepreneurs not only builds friendships but increases profits too.

Tech is your Friend

This image Represents "Tech is your Friend"

Tech is your Friend is a series that has the goal of helping you feel more comfortable with understand many types of technology. And, by making it more familiar it goes from being somewhat scary to being your friend!