Brian Chiyangwa 1

Once upon a time, way back in Africa, I was stuck with an oversupply supply of fresh passion fruit, guava, oranges, and apples.

I decided to experiment with making fresh fruit juice with no additives but honey as a sweetener. This I did strictly in the evenings to relax and rest. As it turns out the “fruit juice” I made was outstanding. Because I stayed on a housing estate, I started off by donating my excess that didn’t fit in my refrigerator to the neighbors.

They simply loved it and soon, I had a steady trickle of orders with offers to pay. I never shared my secret recipe and politely declined so that I could focus on my “failing” business and hectic formal job.

With the benefit of hindsight (20-20 vision), I should have taken a couple of bottles to the Maarsdorp organic and fresh food market on Saturday morning registered a company got a trademark and copyright, set it all up with the recipe, and sold that business as a startup to an interested and capable entrepreneur…..

My take is- side hustles turn into businesses when they is proof of concept and a customer that is willing to pay…

As to the time commitment, get co-founders – business is a team sport and focuses on your strengths…