Denise Cambiotti

Hi, I’m new to this group and am from Vancouver, Canada.

I do something very different by helping health and wellness professionals such as massage therapists, body workers, and fitness trainers hack the nervous system and provide some pretty magical results for individuals who have suffered from chronic muscular pain and physical limitations, especially if the current therapy approach is not taking effect or isn’t long-lasting.

I’ve been studying and working in this field since year 2000 and have come up with some revolutionary concepts that work fast. The Muscle Tuning™ approach has been online since 2018 as a learn-at-your-own-speed program with tons of live support as needed. Those who complete the training set themselves ahead in their field by marketing themselves a licensed Muscle Tuner® Specialist.

While I work B-2-B, I care about individuals who hope to do something for themselves to relieve stress and discomfort, so I have a link here for you to explore some unconventional approaches. Take a peek at these fast and easy tips: https://www.muscletunersinternational.com/free-content