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      The general topic could be EDUCATION, but if we drill down with a focus on informal online education, what options are there? The most popular today seem to be books, courses and memberships. And, of course, selling courses and books can be a side hustle, but can these things also help you market your business?

      Let’s let the experts chime in then get questions from the members.

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      Steven Greene

      Having your own digital products and courses is a simple, but powerful, way to expand your reach.

      So what is the value of having your own digital course?

      1. evergreen revenue stream(s)
      2. build your brand
      3. establish yourself as a subject matter expert
      4. All of the above

      What is your concept for a digital course?

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      Steven Greene

      What are the most popular types of information and digital products?

      1. book
      2. ebook
      3. podcast
      4. webinar
      5. video course
      6. short information product
      7. landing page content
      8. social media based products

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      Salman Haji 1

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      Vic Patalano 1

      I love it. This is exactly what we need in the forum. Contact me about developing a campaign for my Mattress outlet.

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      Vic Patalano 1

      I have to think that many AE members have a need for digital course creation. The potential to create an “Evergreen” product is very powerful. If you don’t know that is, contact Dr. Steve Greene by looking him up in the members area.

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      Steven Greene

      Using Courses as a marketing tool

      Here is a simple sequence I have shown hundreds of business people.
      Net they have earned over 2.7 million dollars in revenue following these
      easy and sequential process.

      Even better…

      You will get help EVERY step along the way.

      Create a course.
      Sell the course.
      Build a marketing list.
      Repurpose the course to other media.
      Upsell to higher ticket items.
      Create an ongoing membership community.
      Create a focused mastermind group.

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      Steven Greene

      If you were going to write a book today…
      what would the title be?

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