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      This topic was set up for members to talk about the benefits of having a side hustle(s) but no promo, please!

      What we do not want to do here is make this about fighting for prospects within the Allied Entrepreneurs community here in the Forum (or anywhere). If you want to attract more prospects, first become more attractive!

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      Steven Greene

      When does a side hustle graduate to a full business?

      Is it time commitment? income threshold? hiring employees?

      Can one successfully have multiple side hustles simultaneously?

      What do you think?

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      Tony Devlin

      very rare to find a person who can do more than 1 or 2 projects at once.. loss of focus will keep a small pert-time side hustle always a small part-time side hustle. If you poke at a business it’ll just poke you back.IMO.

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      Brian Chiyangwa 1

      Once upon a time, way back in Africa, I was stuck with an oversupply supply of fresh passion fruit, guava, oranges, and apples.

      I decided to experiment with making fresh fruit juice with no additives but honey as a sweetener. This I did strictly in the evenings to relax and rest. As it turns out the “fruit juice” I made was outstanding. Because I stayed on a housing estate, I started off by donating my excess that didn’t fit in my refrigerator to the neighbors.

      They simply loved it and soon, I had a steady trickle of orders with offers to pay. I never shared my secret recipe and politely declined so that I could focus on my “failing” business and hectic formal job.

      With the benefit of hindsight (20-20 vision), I should have taken a couple of bottles to the Maarsdorp organic and fresh food market on Saturday morning registered a company got a trademark and copyright, set it all up with the recipe, and sold that business as a startup to an interested and capable entrepreneur…..

      My take is- side hustles turn into businesses when they is proof of concept and a customer that is willing to pay…

      As to the time commitment, get co-founders – business is a team sport and focuses on your strengths…

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      Denise Cambiotti

      I’m thinking of partnering with a colleague to hold a three-day challenge that leads to sales of training and products for her business with me taking a commission on those sales. She has the presentation skills on her subject and I have some marketing and tech skills to combine to her skills. Seeking advice for a low cost platform where we can host this challenge and develop a community that will grow when this beta-test is repeated quarterly or bi-monthly. Any advice on any of the above?

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