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      If the introduction of Allied Entrepreneurs™ was not right on the heels of a failed attempt to create a networking group with a monthly fee, there is no way we would have developed the site the way we are proceeding — at break-neck speed.

      Given the luxury of time, this would likely be happening in October 2022. That way the site would have many features (shiny objects) from day one. As it stands, we have just two functioning features now.

      What we decided to do was to create this forum and events page, then begin site development with a temporary copy of the site (at a different domain name). Then, approximately once a week we will release a new development (and replace the functioning site with the development site).

      This is not without its challenges. For instance, we might lose some comments within the forum when we do this, but all of the user’s data will be backed up, don’t worry.

      We ask that any requests for features or comments about what is in place be sent privately through the CONTACT us form. Excitement, however, you are welcome to post in the forum!

      That stated, there certainly is a lot to be excited about.

      Free is one important element, but that is merely the tip of the iceberg. What we’ve been planning to include for free (in addition to the site) is another (announcements will be forthwith). But the main thing is this just makes sense on so many levels.

      Of course, the urge to speak the benefits is welling up inside of me as I type this, but we think it is best to serve up what we are doing when they are fully baked and not before. So, sorry, but I don’t have to tell you what is coming if I don’t want to. LOL.


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      beware of the shiny objects. Use them wisely

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      Tony Devlin

      I’m a sucker for shiny objects…hopefully this group will get me focussed at last 🙂

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      Tony, the good news is that AE is a GOOD shiny object that is easy to acquire, and even easier to profit from.

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      Steven Greene

      there are 3 C’s to success:

      Consistency, Commitment and Community.

      They each have power and value, but they synergize to create even more potency.

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      I love that. There are also 3 P’s: Person, process, profit
      We live that daily in AE. Person= the relationships we create through networking. Process= the education, training, and support we offer. Profits=the result of your experience using it

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      Clifford Benjamin

      Thanks Vic, I love the 3Ps

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