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You probably want to analyze whether the time you will spend on this site & with other entrepreneurs is likely to be worth it, and that is smart!

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1. If they would just stick together, Entrepreneurs have enormous buying power!

Other than group insurance prices for small businesses that do not have enough employees to qualify as a group with insurance companies, what do the various local Chambers of Commerce provide? Networking?

Of course, there is anything wrong with Networking. Lots of business happens that way but what more could they do and why don’t they do it?

Simple. It is the mandate of any Chamber to serve all the businesses in the community. And that eliminates the huge benefit of buying power.

It’s a shame because, as entrepreneurs, we all spend money on the same things. Together we can spend less or get better value for the same money.

For instance, if there is a local web hosting supplier, the Chamber of Commerce dare not negotiate with any other supplier to throw in free website security for the same price as local hosting. It’s a conflict of interest.

Allied Entrepreneurs™ does not have that problem. We accept memberships from 99% of industries, but we are not mandated to do that with all of them, so why should we?

Yes, we can offer free security with your website and 5 free email addresses too. Try getting that from GoDaddy (or whoever)!

Of course, buying power is not a one-trick-pony. There are many other ways that we can do similar to that hosting example.

2. You don’t know what you don’t know.

There’s a myriad of paths to the point about how powerful knowledge is. For instance, there is a personal feeling of quiet cool that goes with profound knowledge of marketing and tech (to name bu two) that is nothing like that irrational confidence that some new entrepreneurs and young people possess.

A few decades back, a wise personal development icon by the name of Jim Rohn said, “income rarely exceeds personal development,” and he was right. But people rarely connect communication skills and the art of persuasion (for instance) with what they do.

Doctors need to look after people’s health. Financial Planners need to look after people’s money. Bookkeepers need to look after the books of businesses. It is rare that any of these professionals and entrepreneurs see themselves as extraordinary influencers but they could be, right?

Then there is just about any type of professional development that can dramatically reduce the time taken to reach your goals! It would be special to know these things, would it not?

Can you think the same thoughts prior to knowing what it is you are capable of with such profound knowledge? No, you can’t.

That is where a group like this comes in; we have people who have been to the top or “been there and done that” who love to share this passion and the how-to of it.

3. Tech is your friend.

Well, it can be. But how many people know what is possible?

How many entrepreneurs, though perhaps better than most people with computers, are completely unaware of whether or not their website was done correctly? 

How many know that it is simple to get more Google traffic for free?

Of course, getting an SEO Audit by someone who can show you these things is easy, but you can’t order one if you don’t know you should (again, you don’t know what you don’t know).

Few people have things like a database that is automatically built for them from people using their online calendar booking program, like Calendly. And the list of these examples goes on for days.

Tech is scary until someone can show you simple ways of doing things, then it is your friend!

4. Your customers are worth more than you think!

Most entrepreneurs think that if they want to make more, they must either work harder (longer hours) or have more to sell (inventory). And that is wrong.

Many years ago, an entrepreneur who is now a prolific writer and trainer showed me this concept. I got it quickly.

Within 2 years, I was able to write a story about how I made $47,214 in 5 minutes. And that was simply from sending an offer out to my customer list.

Now there is full disclosure that follows that story. And I share the whole truth and nothing but the truth in an upcoming Allied Entrepreneurs™ Event with a playback. But the truth is, once you have a list of people who know, like and trust you, you can send out offers to them.

The best part? You don’t even have to sell or supply the service, which means you don’t have to spend your greatest commodity to make more money. And, of course, I speak of time.

If you join this group with a Free Forever Membership, you will get all of the above and so much more.

Recap; Time well Spent

If you invest about 2 hours of your life (and not one penny), you will soon discover that this organization is unlike any other. The quality of the training and the increased buying power alone would be more than enough reason to join. Then there is Networking with other entrepreneurs too.

Quickly you will see that the more time you spend (within reason), the more you will get out of Allied Entrepreneurs™.

On top of all that, there is how you will be changed (in a good way) by being around some of the best entrepreneurs you’ve ever been exposed to, which is priceless!