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This page details an Event organized by Allied Entrepreneurs™ that is either public or for members only.

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Orientation Meeting

In just a few minutes you can learn how to use the Allied Entrepreneurs™ site, as well as what hearing about all the benefits of being a member. This takes about half an hour in total after introductions.

If you are interested in being an affiliate too, stay on past the first 30 minutes for that portion of the orientation meeting, which is equally as exciting.

A compass icon meant yo representing way-finding or orientation

This specific Event will be held twice a month with the exception of July, August and December when it will only happen once.

The meeting is broken up into 6 sections, three for members and 3 for affiliates afterward:

    1. Welcoming attendees; 5 to 7 minutes.
    2. A share-screen session, to show newbies around the site.
    3. Q&A with new members.

Members can exit the webinar at approximately 30 minutes if they are not interested in being an affiliate.

4. Affiliate share screen session – affiliate back office orientation.

5. Introduction to marketing (how to get affiliates fast).

6. Q&A for Affiliates only.

This concludes the affiliate portion of the orientation at approximately one hour.


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