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Registration Tips

1) Mandatory Fields

If there is a RED ASTERISK (star) beside the field name (see image below), this field must be completed. If there isn’t, filling in the field is optional. However, the more information you supply, the more people will be able to understand why you will be a good supplier or business partner for joint ventures.

red asterisk on required field when registering for an Allied Entrepreneur account

2) Password

It may be easier to use a laptop or desktop to complete the Registration or Update forms. However, a mobile device does work, and the password selection portion of the process has effective real-time indicators built in.

eyeball icon on password portion of an Allied Entrepreneur registration

Before you begin to choose a password, click the eyeball icon on the far right of the password field, so your password is visible as you choose it (see the image above).

very week indicator when you start choosing a password during the regisration of an Allied Entrepreneur account

The message that says VERY WEAK with just Upper and Lower Case Letters (see image above) turns to WEAK when you add a symbol (see image below), which is still unacceptable.

add a symbol to lettering and it is still a weak password

Now, if you also add a number, the indicator will turn from VERY WEAK to MEDIUM (see image below), which is acceptable. But, please, don’t use the Two-Words1 example in this tutorial, as juvenile hackers will try that!

add a number to go with the symbol and upper plus lower case leattering and the password indicator switches to medium - which is acceptable

You are now ready to save your profile. Enjoy.

3) Agreeing to receive emails ++

There are two sets of emails that we send out;


Monthly News/Updates

We apologize for all the checkboxes and radio buttons at the bottom of the form, but they are all required. 

(A) You need to agree that your business profile (information) will be made public in our Members List (see the image below). No way around having this, our lawyer insisted.

your business profile information in made public on Allied Entrepreneurs website

(B) You need to agree to both sets of opt-in emails. At any time you can change and just receive the monthly news & update. Also, you will receive a confirming email for each of these two lists you have added yourself to, and both MUST be approved. Again, we apologize, but you only have to do this once (unless you change your email).

You agree to receive two sets of emails from Allied Entrepreneurs

(C) Again, our lawyer insisted that we had a checkbox to indicate you had read the Terms and Conditions of membership. Since you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade any membership at any time, there is no risk. And the link to the Terms page is here and below the form (see the image below).

you agree that you have read the Terms and Conditions of membership with Allied Entrepreneurs (1)

(D) Captcha is a fact of life. Without it, there is no way to stop BOTS from completing registration forms.

(E) If you ask for a copy of the registration, the only way to send them is by email. We will oblige but need you to confirm that no one’s email is secure, not that your email is likely to be intercepted at any point in the future (see the image below).

if you want Allied Entrepreneurs to email you a copy of this registration you state that you understand that emails are not secure

There are no more tips to share. Enjoy being a member of Allied Entrepreneurs.


(1) Our Privacy Policy is here.

(2) Though optimized for Mobile devices, because of the extent of information this free site is likely to amass, it is advised to access Allied Entrepreneurs™ (.training) via a laptop or desktop device.

(3) The terms and conditions are here.