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'Tech is your Friend'

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Repeating - Interactive Zoom webinar w/ Q&A

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Every 2nd Tuesday @ 20:00. Exceptions; holidays & vacations

This is one of a category of TECH events conducted on; TECH TUESDAYS


When we got the idea to do a TECH webinar, it was quickly apparent that it needed to be called TECH IS YOUR FRIEND. After all, for a lot of entrepreneurs, TECH is not their main skill set, and TECH-related issues can end up being somewhat daunting, especially today.

In fact, for many, TECH stuff is comparable to that soul-disturbing sound chalk makes when it vibrates on a chalkboard. And this isn’t surprising, for if your chosen field isn’t tech related, doing what makes you money and keeping up with technology can be daunting.

The problem here it TECH can make you more money, especially with automation. So, you at least need to know what it can do so you know what services can be outsourced that make you money, right?

Without a doubt, TECH can be more of a nightmare than “your friend” .. and that is why some people never learn how to do things like turn off the embedding of the Google Meet field in their Google calendar invites, even when they are setting a zoom meeting (and that is just one TECH challenge). However, TECH CAN BE YOUR FRIEND IF you have easy access to your nagging questions.

The founders of Allied Entrepreneurs recognize that this is a challenge. That is why every other Tuesday we hold a zoom meeting to help the members solve almost any type of technical issue!

You can send in a question — anything from the day-to-day running of a business to SEO to website stuff to online appointment booking and more — and go back to worrying about what puts food on the table. Because we have your back.

Smiling Steve™ studies TECH-related stuff, so you don’t have to. In other words; you can get your answers fast!

Want to know if your website can do something? Want to optimize your website so it loads faster (and reduces the bounce rate)? Want some info on Google My Business – business profile, or; email marketing, or; how to get the internet in the boonies? Let us help you with the above and much more.

Every other week we conduct this interactive webinar called TECH IS YOUR FRIEND on TECH TUESDAYS, just to help you and other members.

Each session will begin with welcoming attendees until 8:07 Eastern. Then there will be a topic that may be of interest to any entrepreneur. At 8:15 we begin answering TECH questions that were submitted via this website (below). And, finally, at 8:45, we try to answer as many questions as we can that are submitted via chat message during the zoom event.

Below is a form for submitting TECH QUESTIONS. We hope this event helps you at some time in the future and look forward to seeing you there. And, please, tell your entrepreneurial-minded friends, all are welcome.

Submit TECH questions here (below):