Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions (hereinafter “terms”) below apply to membership and use of all websites that are operated by Allied Entrepreneurs. 

These terms will be modified after forming a new company, which will operate Allied Entrepreneurs. At that time, all membership agreements will be assigned to that company, which means you agree to us assigning operation and liability to the new company and hold the co-founders blameless for any liability as if they never operated the company. 

The founders of Allied Entrepreneurs are Victor Patalano (hereinafter “Vic”) and Steven Peter Burke (hereinafter “Smiling Steve”). Vic and Steve are pleased to provide Allied Entrepreneurs as a service for business owners and salespeople, which may be referred to as entrepreneurs.

General Definitions and understandings:

  • A “user” is a non-registered visitor to any Allied Entrepreneurs website.
  • A “member” is a user but, for the purpose of these terms, is distinguished from the term user by the fact that they have registered, be that as a LITE member or any other type of member, such as a FREE FOREVER MEMBER (hereinafter “FFM”). 
  • “Allied Entrepreneurs” is the operating name for the company the co-founders are forming.
  • The phrases “make more money” or “making more money” that are used within the websites and in videos or podcasts are not a guarantee by Smiling Steve, Vic or Allied Entrepreneurs that members will increase their profits as a result of membership.
  • When we discuss “risk” in business, we are usually referring to a cost or investment in a project, be that money and/or time.
  • Allied Entrepreneurs does not assume the risk that any member’s time or investment and will be held blameless for any lack of return, perceived or real, as individual effort is required on the member’s part to do well as a member (“You get out what you put in!”).
  • Removing or disassociating “personal development” and “professional development” from making more money is almost impossible.
  • “Professional Development” on this site refers to learning and mastering business, networking and communication skills and at least understanding how technology works best to assist entrepreneurs.
  • POD or PODs refers to a group or groups in a given local area that were formed for members of Allied Entrepreneurs™, which are are similar to affiliated Business Breakfast Clubs without onerous initiation fees and ongoing fees.
  • “Givers” try to help other members with advice and support (long-term thinkers), referrals and keeping an open mind to collaborations. 
  • “Takers” only want referrals and do not (or rarely) help other members (short-term thinkers). 
  • Givers get more from any business networking than takers.
  • “Collaborate” or “Collaboration” refers to 2 or more members sharing the risk and costs of doing joint venture marketing together because they have the same target audience.
  • The spirit of this agreement is that fun and profit should go hand in hand, which means that business networking should not be a chore, especially when you realize the truth and embrace the fact that other entrepreneurs can and will help you build your business.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. You (the user or member of this site), through the use of the site, automatically agree to the terms and conditions stipulated herein.
  2. This agreement may be changed at any time without prior notification to members or users, and members should expect early versions to be changed more frequently, as needed.
  3. Allied Entrepreneurs™ retains the right to deny any individual application for membership, or revoke membership at its sole discretion, though they would seldom need to exercise either right.
  4. All members start out as LITE or FFM members with a temporary status, which gives Allied Entrepreneurs™ time to verify that the applicant is “acceptable” as a member before they are deemed to be active.
  5. Members will remain temporary until after a period in time when it is clear that they are committed to being a good member and have personally referred at least one other member.
  6. Members with the temporary status may not upgrade to Contributor or Memntor member.
  7. Above all else, good manners are something that the founders of this website insist upon. 
  8. Bad behaviour can and will result in the banning of a member and the blocking of a user.
  9. If any member has a problem with another member or a user, they are asked not to react to that individual(s) directly but instead report the incident or problem to the founders (contact us).
  10. Allied Entrerepeneurs has members that focus Internationally, Nationally, and locally.
  11. Members of Allied Entrerepeneurs can and do operate locally and Internationally (or Nationally).
  12. We do not seek to limit International members by having one business represent each business type; however, the exception to that rule would be members within a POD (local area groups).
  13. Competition among the members is very quickly sorted out. Those who are givers get more over time than those who are takers, which has been well documented throughout human history and within the business networking groups of modern times.
  14. One of the best ways that any member can establish themselves as a giver is by attracting new members. 
  15. Wise members wait to see if a new member is a giver or a taker before entertaining the idea of doing joint ventures with them, giving them referrals or becoming one of their customers. To be clear, this is not a term or condition but a teaching moment!
  16. Allied Entrepreneurs™ promotes the idea that the members collectively have buying power and uses that buying power to negotiate preferable rates for products and services for the members.
  17. Allied Entrepreneurs™ does NOT accept applications for membership within specific industries per the previous condition, preferring to provide the membership with preferential pricing for such products and services.
  18. The list of business types from which Allied Entrepreneurs™ will not accept membership applications follows the terms and conditions (see; EXCLUSION LIST)
  19. Allied Entrepreneurs™ will provide FREE FOREVER MEMBERS (FFM) with access to the member lounge, most of the forum, the entire Library, and will include their business in the members’ list forever, as long as they are not removed as a member. 
  20. FFM members will never be asked a free from Allied Entrepreneurs for membership; however, they may pay small fees to belong to or run a POD.
  21. Certain members are considered to be essential to various members Allied Entrepreneurs who need specialized services, and their industries will not have competitive members.
  22. Each industry on the exclusion list will reference BUYING POWER or ESSENTIAL SERVICE as a reason(s) for excluding any members in those industries from joining.
  23. The Welcoming Committee will handle new members in the International and POD meetings in several ways, including meeting them 5 minutes before virtual meetings to explain what they newbie should expect at that meeting.
  24. Allied Entrepreneurs™ does not profit from selling, leasing, renting or sharing your personal data, which will always be protected per the privacy policy.
  25. The founders of Allied Entrepreneurs™ are very careful about vetting service and resource providers.
  26. It is a condition of membership with Allied Entrepreneurs™ that members hold Allied Entrepreneurs websites and parent company blameless should any referred provider directly or indirectly cause damages to the member or the member’s business.
  27. Should legal action be required to remedy damages, it is a further condition of membership that you would bring such action directly with the service or resource provider and not Allied Entrepreneurs™ or to a recognized arbitrator.
  28. Allied Entrepreneurs™ cannot continue to provide free SEO Audits to members indefinitely. 
  29. When the SEO Audit service is offered for free to members, they must avail themselves of that service within the period of time allotted in the special offer or within 90 days if no limit is mentioned on the site.
  30. The listing on Allied Entrepreneurs™ of name, address, phone and website (NAP + W) will increase the page rank of the members’ websites (Google calls this a “citation” for local businesses and a backlink for non-local businesses). 
  31. The amount of information included in your profile, in addition to NAP +W, can also increase the member’s page rank on Google, which is why Allied Entrepreneurs offers an enhanced profile.
  32. A condition of membership is each member gives permission for Allied Entrepreneurs™ to publicly display the data in their profile. 
  33. Members also grant permission to Allied Entrepreneurs to add fields in their enhanced profile (FFM members and above have enhanced profiles), which are edited by Allied Entrepreneurs to display whether that member has referred business to another member or brought in another member to Allied Entrepreneurs.
  34. Savvy members of Allied Entrepreneurs will know if another member is committed or not because of their enhanced profile and thus can decide for themselves whether to do business with them or refer business to them.
  35. A condition of membership is that you will not promote (A) the purchase of cryptocurrency (hereinafter “crypto”), or; (B) courses on crypto, or; (C) methods that are perceived to produce passive income from anything to do with crypto, and this is because, historically, so many of the concepts were proven to be Securities Violations or Ponzi Schemes.
  36. Members in the Direct Selling industry will be removed as Allied Entrepreneurs members for operating Money Games, Ponzi Schemes, Gifting Programs, and other methods of receiving money illegally (people who do receive money this way are referred to by the U.S. FTC as “winners”, not an “earners”).
  37. If you are involved in the Direct Selling industry, either as an independent representative of a Network Marketing business or a Party Plan company, you are welcome.
  38. Spamming the forum or the direct messaging facility on Allied Entrepreneurs is forbidden, which means anyone sending lots of direct messages, texts or emails or posting on the forum will be warned and, if they continue, removed as members.
  39. No member will be “voted off the island” or banned before receiving at least one warning, with the possible exceptions being: (A) being rude or bad-mouthing another member, (B) promoting something illegal, or; (C) offending the CRYPTO condition above, or; (D) promoting a service that is on the Exclusion List (bottom of this page).
  40. If any term above is found to be unlawful, it shall be deemed severed from this agreement, and the rest of the agreement will not be deemed null or void.

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Exclusion List

Below are the lists of services and products that cannot be marketed to members:

  • In the United States, Mattress sales are exclusive to a co-founder.
  • Website Hosting is included with one membership plan and available to all members with superior value.
  • Website Design, other than eCommerce (Allied Entrepreneurs™ offers better value in this business category).
  • Blogging services (exclusive to We Do Your Blogging For You™). Members need to be aware that this is not a service that you want to buy “cheap” because you can actually hurt website ranking rather than help it.
  • Website Speed Optimization (this is a core service).
  • SEO Audit (this is a core service).
  • Creation and maintenance of Membership Websites (this is a core service).
  • Creation and maintenance of Affiliate Websites (this is a core service).
  • Any CRYPTO business opportunity (please understand to market a commodity you need to have a Securities license)