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This is exactly why almost every
business needs a press release.

Before becoming Allied Entrepreneurs™, there was a predecessor called AMA that was a membership-based website coupled with regular Zoom networking meetings. And it really never grew to anything other than another way to meet entrepreneurs.

AMA wasn’t what you might call irreplaceable. You can’t say that about Allied Entrepreneurs™!

Yes, the founders of that former organization tried to offer more. But besides assisting a few business owners with lead generation, the main diet at AMA never consisted of more than networking.

Enter a worthy goal and accompanying vision and now entrepreneurs will see . And because of it, being even a free member of Allied Entrepreneurs™ will give you greater (or advanced) networking opportunities, but we also fill two huge voids for entrepreneurs!

Take the various local area Chambers of Commerce. Most members are small business owners and they belong to the chamber because their business is too small for group insurance!

Yes, you can get some decent education from them but that is not their primary function.

Then there are the BNI chapters (or any business breakfast club). They exist for introducing one and other to potential clients and joint venture partners. And, for sure, a lot of new business is generated this way that would not have been without such relationships.

BNI and the local Chamber of Commerce, though they share have a shared benefit of business networking, function and are truly different.

Then there are media groups that target business owners, like Entrepreneur magazine. They have the education but, because entrpreneurs do not meet through such media groups, there is no networking benefit.

you can ge. Nor are we anything like a business breakfast group or magazine. And what sets us apart more than anything is the overall power we — including you —have!

It is because of this power that we do not invite certain industries to participate and that alone  differentiates us from all other groups that exist primarily for business networking.

The power we have is our vision. We know what things do not make sense to buy when we can own them as a group. And that is 

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