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This page details an Event organized by Allied Entrepreneurs™ that is either public or for members only.

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Weekly Networking

Allied Entrepreneurs™ holds a weekly networking event so that you can promote your business to other entrepreneurs.

If you are a bit burned out on zoom meetings, please realize that this is because most are not truly fruitful and that ends with Allied Entrepreneurs. The creation of high-quality networking events is one of our big goals.

You can find more details about these weekly meetings below the image. And, keep in mind, we will add a 2nd regular networking event soon.

Weekly Networking events by Allied Entrepreneurs

At present, there is only one Networking Event a week. This will change to two, shortly, in order to support other time zones.

Event Details:

Weekly at Noon Eastern time (usually GMT/UTC -5) on Wednesdays for members.

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Meeting agenda:

12:00 to 12:05  Welcoming members
12:05 to 12:10  Allied Entrepreneurs announcements
12:10 to 12:20  Featured Speaker
12:20 to 12:35  Each member’s thirty-second intro
12:35 to 12:45  Breakout Session #1 
12:45 to 12:55  Breakout Session #2
12:55 to 1:00    Wrap up comments if any

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